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Capturing the Travel Narrative - a new 6-week on-line class for improving your travel photographs. Through The Compelling Image.com




Zion's Splendor in Autumn - Zion. The very word imparts a powerful image. Monolithic, iconic rock formations, classic redrock scenery and intimate details are just part of this amazing place. The splendor of Autumn adds rich yellows, oranges and the brilliant reds of leaves to your scenes. During this change of seasons, there are often storm systems that pass by, creating dramatic light and clouds. From the grand landscape to the intimate close-up, our days will be filled with photography and learning. Join us on this instructional tour for a journey to experience Zion at it's best. You will learn techniques for making outstanding photographs, from landscapes to close-ups, and have fun doing it!


Cuba: The Soul of a Place - We've had such wonderful trips in 2014 that we're going back again! Cuba has so many things to offer the traveling photographer who is interested in experiencing the people and the culture while also making pictures. We turn our lenses towards the people, the architecture, details and more on this adventure. We'll explore the neighborhoods of Havana, walk the valley trails and meet the farmers of Viñales, and experience the music in the colorful town of Trinidad. Our people-to-people photography tours are an enriching, fun experience! Limited to 12 people. 11 spaces sold, 1 remaining. Contact Strabo Tours to sign up by clicking on the Register Now button below.


Myanmar: Spirit of Place - In the early morning mist, Monks walk quietly in a line to collect their alms in the village. Villagers kneel at the feet of a Buddha statue to pray in many temples. Fishermen ply the waters with their unique boats at sunrise and sunset. Landscapes are studded with a thousand stupa and temples. No matter where you look, the sights are awe-inspiring. As you fill your sensor with images you'll also fill your soul with a rich experience of a life-time. Join Brenda as she guides you on this amazing journey. Check out this link to see some work from our 2013 tour participants. Scroll page for additional information.