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Death Valley in Winter Light - From Mesquite Flat Dunes to Badwater, Zabriskie Point to Mosaic Canyon and places in between, we'll explore and photograph the stark beauty of this wonderful desert location during early December, when the park is uncrowded and the angle of light is nearing it's lowest, leading up to the solstice. Weather is often clear, but passing storms can create dramatic clouds. Come photograph the beauty of the desert in winter! Limited to 10 participants.

Morning Fog, Tuscany

PHOTOGRAPHING UMBRIA, ITALY'S - Rolling green fields are punctuated by wildflowers and hilltop medieval towns, and sleepy villages are tucked between vineyards and olive groves. Join Brenda and Jed on this photo tour through Tuscany's 'rustic' sister. We'll photograph the countryside and in Orvieto, Spello, Assisi, Perugia and Gubbio, along with smaller villages in between, photographing the daily life of people and the quintessential Italian scene. We'll also take in our favorite area of Tuscany, too, the Pienza region. Completed.

Dogwood Blossoms and flowing Merced River, California

Yosemite in Spring - Early May, the dogwood bracts are emerging, their glowing white shapes gently floating on bare trees. The Merced River, swollen with snow melt, courses through the valley, often overflowing its banks to create ephemeral 'lakes' with incredible reflections. Bleeding hearts bloom, and other small wildflowers are bursting forth, beneath the timeless beauty of the iconic rocks of the valley. During a full moon, the base of Yosemite Falls offers moonbows in the mist. Join us for a wonder-filled experience at a magical time of year. Scroll page for additional information. FULL as of 3/7/12.