Namibia Dunes Sunrise_O1A3589.jpgQuiver Tree Namibia_O1A1686.jpgSpringbok Namibia_O1A8316.jpgTharpBearNursing_O1A0575.jpgLunge-feeding Humpbacks-3283.jpgTharp__MG_5479.jpgTharpRiverandTree_MG_5900.jpgSunset Valley of Fire-0194.jpgTree Blossoms_DSF0899.jpgRedbud and River_0780.jpgTharpPannedFlowers_O1A8499.jpgMadrone Bark-17745.jpgCuban Man in Doorway-4024.jpgCuban Farmer Plowing-3693.jpgCuba Boats-2197.jpgCuba Havana-0004.jpg


The slideshow above is a small collection from various photography tours that I have lead recently – Namibia, Alaska, Cuba, Yosemite, and others. For a broader collection of images, please view the portfolios. For current events, news, musings, photo tips, images, and more, please read my blog. I welcome your comments there. To see what I’m up to in terms of photography tours, photo workshops and speaking engagements, visit the Workshops/Tours page. Check in at the Store tab for discounts, books for sale, and more. If you wish to read the newsletter, please subscribe using the tab above.

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