Mosaic Fountain King Hassan Mosque, Morocco

Been down for a week with a nasty sinus condition upon returning from Morocco. Air flights can be ‘killer’!  🙂

We had a great time with a great group. As I mentioned in my last post, while there I experienced hardware problems with my digital wallet, hence no chance to process/post pictures. It’s a very strange thing to do an entire trip without really being able to see what you’re doing along the way! There was barely time to get my images downloaded and backed up as I was borrowing a laptop from my partner to do it and he had his own to do. Now that I’m beginning to edit the images, I’m seeing pictures I forgot I made!

Our first day we visited the King Hassan II Mosque. This place is so large it can hold 25,000 inside to pray, with an additional 80,00 outside in the open courtyard. It’s an incredible work of architecture. Those that were there a night early rose at dawn to get over there to make photographs in the soft morning light. Being there with just a few people made it a special visit – time to contemplate the ornate mosaics, the repeating arches and columns, and to feel the place. This image was about symmetry, there is so much of it in this architecture. And the colors drew me, too. Rich greens and blues, both significant colors in Morocco.

I processed this image and then applied Color Efex Pro’s Tonal Contrast filter to give it a boost. The light was quite flat that morning and this helped a lot.

Brenda Tharp
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