Classic Views in Canyonlands

Tharp_20160505-9370I had gone to the overlook with the hopes of capturing a great sunset over the Goosenecks area, but storms had been building up all afternoon and the sky was very cloudy. Still, I thought that I might get dramatic storm light, if not a great sunset. It was so windy when I got out of the car, but I pushed onward towards the overlook, and took a walk further along the edge to get a vantage point that I liked. The skies opened up, hail came down, and I had to hunker down inside a juniper tree to keep from getting pummeled! But after a few minutes, it passed over me, and I climbed out of the tree to see what might happen next. The light wasn’t happening. Darn! After about 20 minutes, of bracing myself against the wind roaring up the cliff face, I decided it was just not going to happen, and started to walk back to the parking lot. And guess what? Halfway back, the light broke through the clouds, very suddenly, but not over the goosenecks area. It was still beautiful light, golden, stormy, and I quickly found a foreground that I had seen earlier to include in the frame. I had to work fast, I could see the gap in the clouds closing. Other people were frantically running around making pictures, too. It was an unexpected moment – but those are the best sometimes!



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Storm Light in Utah’s Desert Lands



Mid-April provided some very interesting light and clouds in central Utah this year. I had been to speak at the Moab Photography Symposium, and had to drive to Salt Lake to leave my car and fly to northeast Ohio to teach a workshop before rejoining my car and continuing my road trip. I took Highway 6 off Interstate 70, and diagonally veered towards Salt Lake, through a dry desert area of basin and range topography with buttes, benches, and washes. Continue reading »

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Spring in the Sierra Foothills



On a recent road trip, I was searching for signs of Spring just about everywhere! In the month I was on the road, I covered, wildlife refuges, high desert, low desert, and finally the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, searching for photographs. Some destinations worked out really well, others not so much, as Spring was very spotty this year in terms of wildflowers. You’d find some great patches in some areas, nothing exciting in others. While heading up into the foothills, I took a side road I had never been on, and this was one of the images from that detour. I loved how the textures of everything were represented here, and the soft green-yellow of lichen on branches, combined with the rich hues of redbud. Thankfully, the light was with me that day (sort of like the force being with you) and I had many opportunities to work with larger scenes like this under diffused light. Of all the images I made, this is one of my favorites as it represents the emergence of Spring.

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Sometimes, just a pretty picture



So often we hope for dramatic weather and skies, but sometimes, it’s simply a really nice day, and the scenery is so lovely, that it’s worth a photograph just for that. After all, the point of making photographs is not just to make a sale, or for our portfolios, but to make a moment stay, an experience or feeling we had in that moment, and photographing it does that. And in the case with the blog picture, it was a lovely cool autumn day, clouds were beautiful, the air was clean, and the warmth of the light was lovely against the rich blue sky, and I wanted to remember that day.

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