All images on this website are available for print purchase as unlimited edition signed prints. Those in the Select Portfolio Collection are Limited Edition images, with special pricing. See below link.


Images are printed on large-format digital printers using museum-quality archival papers and inks, and where applicable, museum quality archival mats. The prints have a long display life – approximately 100+ years when mounted under glass.

Current images are created from digital RAW files. Prints from transparency film have been scanned on a high-resolution drum scanner. No matter how they were created, my images are then post-processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. I adhere to the basics of exposure/contrast/density, color balance, burning and dodging if needed, i.e. the traditional darkroom adjustments, keeping true to the scene I captured. For any special effect images, I use other software techniques blended with my originals to create unique results.



NEW: A growing collection of Limited Edition prints (in editions of 150)* of my Select Portfolio Collection are now available for ordering on-line:


* Limited editions of 100, except for legacy images that are part of pre-existing editions.

Tax (CA residents) and shipping are determined at time of purchase/checkout.