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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain          
And we would add to that – photograph!!



On our instructional tours, you’ll be photographing alongside us, and will benefit from our collective experiences and on-the-spot-suggestions for making your best composition. Brenda and Jed passionately share how they see and how they make an image. Various aspects of outdoor photography, including field techniques, equipment, light, composition, visual design, are covered. We provide hands-on help as you learn to refine your personal vision. We have built in ample time in the field for you to immerse yourself in image-making. Together we have over 28 years of experience leading tours, teaching workshops, and doing assignment and stock photography, a rich well of information that we draw on to help you make your very best images. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your own photography while working with pros at your side in stunning locations both in the USA and around the world.

“We hope you’ll join us for a photographic tour in a fantastic location. You’ll visually stretch and grow, and have a great time sharing with other photographers on the tour!”  Brenda and Jed.

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On-line six-week photography class on documentary travel photography taught by Brenda Tharp. Visit this link for more information and/or to register:





Collage of Morocco PhotosESSENCE OF MOROCCO

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May 2-16, 2014

Price: $3995  Completed

Join me, and pro photographer Jed Manwaring as we share with you this unique country full of exotic sights – souks, unique scenery, picturesque villages, and the dramatic Saharan desert.Experience the history and natural beauty of this rich and fascinating country with first-person encounters. We’ll visit traditional villages, ancient medinas, and craftsmen’s workshops, sharing experiences, photographing, and sipping mint tea. Photographic opportunities abound on this incredible tour. It’s our fourth trip to this very interesting country! Click on tour title for more info. Full. Completed, a terrific adventure!



June 1-11, 2014

Ireland Ad for website

Price: $4300

The areas of County Kerry and County Cork boast some of the most stunning landscapes and seascapes in all of Ireland.  From manicured farmlands, to rugged coastlands and quiet lakes, the region holds an abundance of photographic opportunities for the outdoor photographer.

Join me on this photo journey through the land of a thousand welcomes, where the people are friendly, the pubs warm and cozy, the landscapes stunning, and the sea and skies are dramatic! We’ll be guided by a local professional photographer who knows special places that are off the beaten track for great photographs!  Full. COMPLETED, and a GREAT TIME!




_O1A8334Whidbey Island, WA

July 21-25, 2014

Photographs are everywhere – and we do mean everywhere! No matter where you are, you can often find something interesting to focus on. This class, co-taught with Jed Manwaring, will emphasize this concept, following the course of our book by the same name. Using the lovely, tranquil Whidbey Island as our location, we’ll spend time in the field, working on visual exercises, and applying the concept of ‘reflexive photography’, along with daily critiques and discussions on how to see the everyday scene. Offered through Pacific Northwest Arts School. Just a few spaces left!







July 31-August 9, 2014

Price: $4495

We’re offering our popular photo tour in southeast Alaska (Inside Passage) again because it’s a not-to-be-missed place to photograph! We want to share it with you. Tour begins in Hoonah just outside of Glacier Bay, and we’ll begin exploring Icy Straits and the top end of Admiralty Island as we make our way across ‘southeast.’ This area is rich with marine mammals including orcas, humpbacks, sea lions, seals, and bird life, too, not to mention lovely scenery. FULL! Offered through Dolphin Charters.






August 18-September 6, 2014 

Price: $8795


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Join me and my good friend and photographer Wendy Kaveney on this incredible photography tour to a most amazing place. Namibia is a country filled with unique photographic opportunities, from giant sand dunes and odd kookerboom (quiver) trees, to abandoned houses filled with shifting sands, and some incredible wildlife experiences. 1 space remaining as of 6/25/14, for a female participant.

Visit Strabo Tours website for more information.

Photograph © Wendy Kaveney





November 5-9, 2014


Price: $1300.00 Tuition.

Join us as we explore and photograph the best of this beautiful park during the peak of Autumn color. Brilliant red big-tooth maples, golden cottonwoods, and burnished hues of oaks contrast the red rock formations that surround them. We’ll spend time in the canyon, as well as ‘up top’ in the checkerboard area, and other locations to make stunning nature images. Space available. This is a GO!






November 24-December 8, 2014

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Price: $5795

Join me on this adventure to ‘middle earth’ – or at least a part of it will seem like that! We’ll be exploring the best that the south island has to offer, including but not limited to Milford Sound, Fiordland Nat’l Park, Mt. Cook Nat’l Park, Fox/Franz Josef Glacier, Punakaiki, Kakaoura, and the Mackenzie River basis and turquoise hued lakes. You will be amazed at just how beautiful this country is when you see it for yourself! In partnership with Strabo Tours. Click on the title above for more info on my website and then visit Strabo Tours to register. This is a GO and space is still available.



Cuba Tour Ad

CUBA: The Soul of a Place
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January 4-13, 2015 

Price: Estimated based on 2014 prices ($4995 )

This photography tour has been designed to provide the most photographic opportunities while we interact with the locals and learn about their way of life and share a bit of ours. From the streets of Havana and colorful Trinidad to the agricultural fields of Viñales, and other spots in between, we’ll meet and photograph amazing people at work and play. Strabo Tours has partnered with a tour company licensed by our US government to operate People to People tours. Join us for this unique opportunity before Cuba changes too much! The trip is limited to just 12 people. We have custom-designed this itinerary to offer you the best possible photographic opportunities while adhering to the legal requirements of the license through which we are able to run this tour. Get on the list while we finalize details. Email Strabo Tours






February 1-15, 2015Tharp_O1A5643
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I enjoyed Myanmar so much that I’m heading back for more! The cultural photography is amazing in this country. It’s a contrasting mix of old and new culture, but the traditional is still strongly represented in the clothing, the transportation, and the architecture. In the early morning mist, Monks walk quietly in a line to collect their alms in the village. Villagers kneel at the feet of a Buddha statue to pray in the temples. Fishermen ply the waters with their unique boats at sunrise and sunset. Landscapes are studded with a thousand stupa. No matter where you look, the sights are awe-inspiring. As you fill your sensor with images you’ll also fill your soul with a rich experience of a life-time. Join me on this amazing journey. Click on the tour title above to visit webpage or go to Strabo Tours’ website for more information and to register.






February 22-28, 2015floating-ice1

Ice-filled lagoons, luminous icebergs, thunderous waterfalls, ice caves, and the magnificent aurora borealis are all part of this winter photography tour to Iceland, a land of stunning photographic opportunities. Join me along with Tim Vollmer for this week of learning and thrilling adventure. We’ll show you how to photograph the aurora, help you with making exposures for snow and ice, guide you in creating dynamic compositions that have depth, and help you make the best pictures you can while experiencing the best that Iceland has to offer in winter. To register and for more information, visit the tour page on Tim’s site.








2015 - PLANS FOR THIS TOUR ARE STILL BEING FINALIZED, please check back in late June.

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Havana and Trinidad and the areas around them are classic Cuba. But there is a lesser-explored area on Cuba’s eastern half that begs to be visited, too, in more ways than one! Americans are welcome everywhere, and on our legal people-to-people photographic and cultural tour, we’ll experience the best Cuba has to offer.









Collage of Morocco Photos


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April 5-20, 2014

Price: $TBA

Morocco is a land of contrasts – both in the traditions and the landscape. Although women can now go about without scarves on their heads, they choose mostly to still wear them – and use them as a fashion accessory! Men in hooded djellabas pull out cell phones from their pockets, and sell chickens and hedgehogs while chatting on their phones. Artisans of all types – leather, rubber, ceramic, textiles, rugs, brass lanterns, are at work in the city’s souks and mellah section. Join me on a journey  full of exotic sights – including the people, rugged desert villages, and the dramatic Saharan desert. Click on tour title for more info or go to Strabo Tours site for info and to register.








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April 24-May 5, 2015

Whitewashed towns perched on rugged promontories, olive and cork forests dotting the landscape, the Moor-influence architecture of the Alhambra, and the towns of Granada, Seville, Ronda, and Cordoba make this a tour filled with great photographic opportunities! Pricing is being finalized, but we are taking reservations. In the meantime, you can check out the planned itinerary at Strabo Photo Tours and contact them there for more information. Several spaces reserved as of 7/7/14…






July 13-19,2015Tharp_20110629-2826

Price: $3795

Details will be coming soon on this photo tour to southeast Alaska’s crown jewel of a park. At the top end of the Inside Passage, this park boasts of wonderful tidewater glaciers, sea bird colonies (kittiwakes, puffins, and more), sea lions, humpback whales, Orcas, sea otters and bears. It’s a stunning location for a photography tour, and we’ll cruise and go ashore to explore the best this place has to offer. Protected by mountains from the ‘outside’, this cruise is typically smooth water. Join pro photographer Jed Manwaring and Brenda Tharp while there are still glaciers touching the sea and see for yourself why this place is so special. Limited to 7 participants.





July 21-25,2015001_Bears_Alaska

 Join me as we celebrate the spring cubs frolicking in meadows while Mom forages! This place is incredible for the close-in access we have to the bears of Lake Clark. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness and photograph bear behavior. We’ll have opportunities to photograph bears clamming with low tides during our visit, too. Weather permitting, we’ll even make a trip out to a puffin colony. Don’t miss this one – it will fill quickly. Limited to 7 participants. 1 space sold, 6 available.







Mid-August-early September 2015 


We’ll be returning to Namibia in 2015, and several people have already signed up! Itinerary and dates are essentially the same as this year’s trip, but details are being finalized and may change slightly. Click on the link to see this year’s trip details on my site, or visit Strabo Tour’s page for this year. To sign up, e-mail Strabo Tours.





Photograph © Wendy Kaveney




VISIONS OF VENICE (link coming soon)

Tharp_040509-463September 24-October 3, 2015


What could be better than photographing this fascinating and romantic city? Photographing it by the light of a Supermoon! I am very excited about being there during this full moon, and we’ll take advantage of the rising and setting of the full moon as well as photograph by the light of the moon. Even without the moon, the city is a great photographic smorgasbørd, and we’ll spend 9 days exploring the city and the outlying islands in search of unique images that express the essence of Venice. Prepare to be out and about in early morning and early evening/night, too, as part of this tour. Please visit Strabo Tour’s page for more information and to register.







A Forest in Autumn

October 4-9,2015

Photographs don’t just happen, they are created, by using good composition and other concepts and techniques. Join me in the beautiful Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, for an autumn nature photography workshop. Celebrate the colors and the low angle of light while learning to see and incorporate visual design elements that exist in nature. Learn the importance of visual depth in a photograph, and how to utilize the light you have to make photographs with impact. Make a an afternoon boat trip to photograph the golden light on the outstanding sea caves on Devil’s Island. Registration is open now. Click on the event title above to go to MISA’s website.





More will come, stay tuned and check back often! 

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