Years ago, precisely in 2015 according to Amazon, I purchased your book “Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography”. I was a fledgling hobbyist and I had no idea how to make a good photograph. Of all the media that I gobbled up in my mission to get decent, your book is the one I kept coming back to again and again. The ideas were wonderful, and the example photographs were always great and complimentary to the advice. I might not ever be able to attend your workshops due to me living so far away from the US, but I wanted you to know that you changed my life artistically in a meaningful way, and you helped me in my journey to understand art, photography, self-expression, and myself better. I’m truly thankful to you and I’m really happy to see you still sharing your photos. Mohammed T.

Thanks for a great week, Brenda and Jed!!  Also for all of your help and teachings!!” Sue P.

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