As a landscape photographer, I plan my gear and pack my suitcase at leisure, thinking through all that I need for the outing/journey. As a travel photographer, I do the same if I know I’m going somewhere in advance. But what happens when the travel is sudden? Well, things can get missed. I just signed on Tuesday morning to fill a vacant spot as photo instructor on two trips cruisin’ around part of Cuba Lindblad, and I’m very excited to be going. But I leave Thursday morning, yikes! But heck, you only need your cameras and toothbrush, right? I wish. I have packed for so many different trips over the years, so I have a system that works for me and I actually use a pre-made checklist that I made a few years ago when I, er, found I had left a few essentials home. One time it was my laptop charging cord! Another time, an extra pair of shoes, and once I left my jacket – and while those last two items didn’t impair my photographic journey, I wasn’t as comfortable in my travels, so I decided to make the list. (I never missed packing the cameras, tripod, memory cards, batteries, but I did forget a shoulder strap one time!)

I’m not afraid to admit it, with all the different style trips I do, it’s easier to work off the list these days. 

I’ll be traveling through March 3rd, experiencing Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Isla de la Juventud, and  few other places that I’m excited to get back to. Helping others make pictures of this amazing island will be such fun!

Internet is very spotty, even while on the ship, so I’ll try to post along the way but can’t promise much!