It’s here! Northern California is beginning to ‘pop’ with springtime blooms and green hills. Maybe a tad ‘early’ but we’ve had lovely 70 degree weather the past few days, and sunshine, and all sorts of ‘spring-like’ things are starting to happen. I love this time of year here, when everything is fresh, and green. The area around my hometown has a lot of fields and oak trees like the blog image so I hope to get out there more in the coming weeks to celebrate the greening of Spring. 

Spring is a time of re-birth, a time of re-mergence. And yes, I have ‘re-emerged’ with a new look to my website, a cleaning up of my digital library, the addition of new workshops and tours, and we’re still planning more!. It’s been a very energizing time for me the past two months and I was grateful to be home to take care of ‘business’ in this way. I’m ramping up for a busy season ahead!

Don’t despair, my friends and readers in colder climes – your Spring will come too, soon enough!