You haven’t heard much from me here lately, except on social media, because we have been neck-deep in planning and actually doing the van conversion to our mobile office/home! Coming up with fresh images and ideas relating to photography has been more challenging of late with staying close to home for so long. Still, we continue the business of photography and projects even as we tackle this big one!

Let’s just say that the adventure began the moment we signed the purchase papers, and it is continuing.

We had so much to learn – and not enough hours in the day to learn fast enough – solar power, water, heaters, wiring, siding, ceiling, floor – all BIG decisions that had to be sorted out. Which one first? It was hard to know what to start with. Some things required careful planning before we started putting anything in to the van build. Like power – just how much will we use/need when on the road? We may have overloaded our solar juice/storage, but we’ll be able to last longer in those cloudy/rainy weeks that come here and there.

The slide show is just a snippet of the pictures we’ve amassed by doing this project. For insurance purposes, and for our own education/rememberance, they are important. Not the most creative images, ha ha, but now and then, Jed, who always maintains such an even keel when doing things, noticed how the sandbag he used to hold the solar wire port down to the van made a face! It’s in the slide show above. Would I have seen that? Not sure…but he takes time to notice, even being exhausted, and I love that about him.

Here it is, the holiday weeks, and it’s been soooooo chilly here in northern California. We finally had to bite the ‘bullet’ and have someone epoxy our floor because we haven’t been able to get the temps up high enough for the epoxy. Dang it, but then our van will be a mix of DIY and the help of ‘a village’ and we’re OK with that.

Once it cures and we can walk on this floor, we’ll be ‘roaring’ ahead with the plans to put in our bed platform, cabinets, and ceiling and wall treatment! We know what we’ll be doing for the next several weeks, in addition to online presentations, continued writing for ebooks, general photo business things. I wish I could spend every day and every minute of every day working on the van, but the business has to keep going, too!

There you have it! The update to the latest goings on for us here at Brenda Tharp Photography. Hope you enjoy the slide show, if you like to watch things in progress…

I’ll be back to posting more regularly and photo-related topics in the new year!

Thanks for being here and I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous, adventure-filled New Year!

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