Slovenia, Lake Bled.

I may spend more time following my passion as a nature photographer, but in truth, like the late master Ernst Haas, and contemporaries such as Dewitt Jones, Freeman Patterson and Richard Martin, I am drawn to light, color, juxtaposition, shape, patterns and gesture irregardless of what the actual subject is. My aim is to be open enough to respond to the entire world around me and to capture and share what I find interesting and beautiful.

Such it was that this scene grabbed my attention. The vine pulls the eye into the frame in top left, and as it draws us down it makes a right turn to underscore the three windows before exiting the bottome of the frame. That underscore added structure to the composition.

I saw this on a walk from the hotel down to the lake, with my intention to photograph reflections and autumn color along the lake. I love it when other things stop me in my tracks!


Enjoy, please share this post, and keep seeing and sharing your vision,


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