“…changes in latitude, changes in attitude…” I have always loved that phrase in Jimmy Buffet’s popular song. When we move about the country or world, the changes in our latitude bring about changes in our attitude. How could they not? We are experiencing new scenery, new ways the light illuminates the land, possibly new birds and animals. We are meeting new people, having fresh experiences, and I don’t know about you, but this always opens my heart and soul to see and appreciate the places I visit.

 You are probably, like me, yearning for new latitudes in our lives right now. I get it. My feet have an itch that no medicine can cure! I have to feel new dirt under my feet soon. Yet while I wait for the freedom to move about the country – dare I say it – the world, there are so many things close to home that can feed my soul, satisfy my itch for something new.


Maybe it’s just the play of light on leaves that have hung on through the winter storms;or a scene from a café where I stopped to pick up a to go coffee.

Maybe it’s an experimental swipe on a group of trees on a walking path in a neighborhood park,

or the rainbow that dances along my walls and cabinets from a crystal hanging in my window (yes, I am that kind of person!)

No matter what, by keeping an open mind, I know that there are never-ending things in my house and my neighborhood that I can see more deeply. And as I venture out further, alone, and masked, there are beautiful things in nature that await my discovery.

Hang in there, keep looking, keep seeing, and thanks for being here,



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