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Save money and get access to terrific software and products by using the affiliate links below. I use all of these products or companies and can highly recommend them personally.

I am an affiliate with these companies because I use and believe in their products. You are free to choose to buy from other sources or direct, but if you do choose to use my link(s), I appreciate it! It helps defray costs for newsletter advertising, workshop promotion, etc. and keeps my dream alive!

To save money on any purchase(s) you might make, follow the instructions in the text for each company/product, and be sure to use any individual codes listed at checkout. Not everyone offers discounts to pass on but they are still good companies and products. 

Check out this round-up of camera bags and must-have accessories faved by photographers who use them.

No discount for
B&H, but I can highly recommend them for their customer service and the wide assortment of products. If you need it, they have it! Click on link or image to go to their Photo Gear pages.


TOPAZ Labs– Great products to help you create your strongest image and for creative effects. For a 15% discount on your entire purchase, enter the code “brendatharp” at checkout.







Topaz Studio – An advanced nondestructive Photo Editor, including state-of-the-art Noise Reduction, Precision Contrast, and new features like stackable Content Aware Masking. Fuel your creativity with 1-click effects curated by Topaz Labs and users just like you. From technical edits to creative changes, get inspired with over 170 effects spanning 23 different categories.


Just click on the picture or this link to go to
THINK TANK PHOTO. Their bags  are my bags of choice. I use the Airport Acceleration, The Speed Freak beltpack, Urban Disguise 40 and several modular pouches that fit on the beltpack’s belt and on a modular skin belt. Also have the zoom pouches that fit a camera with 70-200 zoom lens attached. They are all very functional bags! When you buy through me, and spend over $49.50, you’ll get to choose a cool free gift – memory card wallet, belly dancer harness, travel pouch, battery holder and more!


Mindshift Gear Affiliate Link

MINDSHIFT GEAR is a sister company to ThinkTank Photo, and they produce some amazing bags designed for the active outdoor photographer. I am presently using the Backlight 26L for my kit, and it’s great! Same deal as with Think Tank Photo – Visit MindShift Gear and when you purchase something over $50, you’ll get a choice of a free gift.

 WIMBERLEY – I use a Wimberley Sidekick for my long telephoto lenses to mount them to my tripod/ball head. I love the Sidekick! I also have two Plamps. Wimberley products are very well-engineered and made to last. I don’t have a discount arrangement with them (yet) but I stand by their products.

FLY PAPER TEXTURES – Incredible assortment of textures for overlaying your images. Click here to visit Flypaper Textures. Enter “Tharp” at checkout for a 15% discount on your total order.