I use Sony Cameras and Lenses for my landscape, and travel photography, and now, Sony has introduced the perfect wildlife lenses for my bird and wildlife photography too!





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Ernst Haas once said “it’s the photographer’s creativity and not the equipment, that ultimate makes the photograph”, but boy-oh-boy, having the RIGHT tool in your hands goes a long way to getting that pre-visualized photograph, right? So when you need something, you need it, so have at it! The links below take you to specific product pages, or you can use this general link to go to the main B&H PHOTO page. I have purchased photo equipment from them for many years and can honestly say that I’ve not had any issues with the gear and their customer support is terrific – prompt and friendly. Your support of them also helps me ‘keep the dream alive’ as I am an affiliate with B&H. 
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I have been using Sony A7 bodies for 3 years now, various models. I have also used the aXXXX series crop bodies, and the A9. I am so pleased with the quality of the image files from all of these cameras. The crop body a6xxx series are fine cameras, suited for action photography – but with the introduction of the A9, and A7 III, full frame now has the fast-focus, tracking and fps speed that the crop bodies have had. 

Sony A7 R III Mirrorless Body

Sony A7 III Mirrorless Body

Sony A9 Mirrorless Body

Sony A6500 Mirrorless Body

Sony A7S Mirrorless Body

Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Digital Camera

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX10 IV Camera



I try to keep my kit simple, and that usually means 3 zoom lenses to cover the super wide to medium telephoto needs when doing travel photography or general landscape work. I also love and use fixed primes – notably the Sony 55mm F1.8 and the Sony/Zeiss 85mm f1.8. The only issue is that you don’t have the same flexibility that zoom lenses provide, but then I’ve been a strong proponent of ‘zooming with your feet’. 

Tripods & Accessories:


Bags and Backpacks:

I use an assortment of camera bags, packs, and modular pouch systems from Think Tank Photo. I love them all for what they do! Well-constructed, and functional, and very comfortable. I am an affiliate with them, yes, but only because I stand by their products and use them. If you choose to purchase anything, spend over $50 and get a free gift. And your support by using the link supports my advertising and blogging efforts and I thank you.

Backlight26L and Backlight30L

SpeedRacer Belt Pack and Modular Pouches

Exposure 13 Briefcase/Shoulder Bag

Photocross 15 Sling Bag

COTTON CARRIER –  if you get tired of lugging your telephotos around in your hand after a while, or like to ride a bike or kayak with your camera ‘out’, the cotton carrier is the answer! Use the code BRENDATHARP at checkout and save 10%

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