Current and Recent News about Brenda

April 2021 – Brends partipicates as a presenter in the online NANPA Summit

April 2021 – Brenda gives an online presentation to the Sedona Camera Club

April 2021 – Brenda is a keynote presenter at The Art of Photography Conference online

April 2021 – Brenda presents a webinar to young women nature photographers for Girls Who Click

March 2021 – Presents a webinar to Victoria Camera Club, Canada

November – Judge online for Mid-Atlantic Photo Visions conference

October 2020 – Presents a webinar to the Royal Photographic Society in London 

August 2020 – Teacher/Presenter at Out of Chicago Live Online Event

May 2020 – Brenda takes part in a video podcast on Photography in Covid-19 days

4/26/20 – Brenda publishes a second free inspirational video designed to inspire and relax

4/24/20 – Brenda publishes a free inspirational video on Vimeo designed to inspire and relax!

03/2020 – Brenda spends 21 days in Botswana running two back to back photo safaris

01/2020 – Brenda lead a photo workshop on creative vision in Venice, Italy.

11/2019 – A road trip to Santa Fe and Bosque del Apache gave Brenda time to photograph millions of migratory geese and cranes

05/2019-08/2019 – Brenda worked on Nat Geo/Lindblad Expeditions cruises in southeast Alaska (the inside passage) as a photography specialist

04/2019 – Brenda will speak at the one-day Nature Photographers of the Pacific NW photo conference.

02/2019 – Brenda successfully lead her photo tour to Cuba.

10/2018 – Brenda was a finalist judge in a bird photo contest.

09/2018 – Brenda opens her exhibit “With Awe and Wonder: A Celebration of Nature’s Beauty” at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation’s Heron Hall Gallery in Santa Rosa. Show runs through 12/21/18.

09/2018 – Brenda was featured in KRCB radio’s “Sonoma Spotlight” talking about her exhibit at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation in Santa Rosa, CA.

06/2018 – Brenda was the National Geographic Certified Photo Instructor on board Lindblad Expeditions in Alaska.

04/2018 – Brenda’s latest book was featured on Red River Paper’s blog

03/2018 – Brenda spoke at the Wasatch Camera Club in Salt Lake City, Utah.

12/2017 – Brenda was featured in Lifeforce Magazine

11/2017 – Brenda’s latest book was featured in The Bohemian in northern California.

11/2017 – Brenda was a keynote speaker at the N4C Fotoclave conference in Pleasanton, CA.

“As usual, I had a great time on your photo tour, this time in Slovenia! I really enjoy being around your creative energy and you always get us to great places to photograph.” Kathie K.

10/2017 – Brenda led a group of adventurous photographers in photographing Slovenia during Autumn’s splendor.

09/2017 – Brenda embarked on a photo safari to eastern Namibia and Botswana with co-leader Wendy Kaveney.

08/2017 – Brenda led her popular Bears of Alaska workshop in Lake Clark National Park.

07/2017 – JULY 25th marked the release of Brenda’s third book on creative outdoor photography, this one title Expressive Nature Photography.

05/2017 – Brenda embarked on a month-long job as certified photo instructor aboard Linblad Expeditions in southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage.

03/2017 – After a few months break to write her book, Brenda traveled to Arizona to teach a workshop for Madeline Island School of Photography.

09/2016 – Brenda sent off her manuscript to the editor for a new book “Expressive Nature Photography”.

08/2016 – Brenda and Wendy Kaveney led a photo tour to Namibia.

Thanks to our wonderful leaders – Brenda, Wendy and Tas for sharing the wonders of Namibia and the many opportunities to create images that will enrich us for the rest of our lives!”  Stacy B.

07/2016 – Brenda led a photo tour in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland.

06/2016 – Brenda photographed in the Dolomites of Italy on a tour she didn’t lead.

04/2016 – Brenda presented a keynote at B&H’s OPTIC conference in New York City.

02/2016 – Brenda was featured as a top travel photographer on FlipKey– a TripAdvisor company.

08/2015 – Brenda spoke at the Canadian Photographers Association (CAPA) photo conference in Vancouver, B.C.

“It was delightful to attend your presentations at CAPA. I learned so much and you were entertaining and so sharing with your information!” Sheila.

06/2015 – Brenda actually stayed home and caught up on editing her pictures, and gardening!

05/2015 – Brenda and Jed Manwaring led a cultural photo tour to southern Spain.

04/2015 – Brenda led a cultural photo tour to Morocco.

“What a fantastic tour to Morocco! The country was amazing and you were terrific as our leader.” Sylvia, PA

01/3-13/2015 – Brenda and Jed Manwaring led a culture exchange photo tour to Cuba.

“…it was a splendid trip to Cuba! And you and Jed are super leaders!” Sara F., MA

11/4-9/2014 – Brenda and Jed Manwaring led an instructional photo tour to Zion National Park, Utah.

8/16-9/3/2014 – Brenda led a photo tour to Namibia with co-leader Wendy Kaveney.

7/2014 – Brenda and Jed Manwaring led a photo tour in Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard Dolphin Charter’s MV Delphinus.

“This was a most amazing trip for me! The scenery was stunning, the wildlife terrific, but what made the tour so wonderful was the caring and guidance that Brenda and Jed gave each of us participants, helping us make our best pictures.” Ron E., CA.

7/2014 – Brenda and Jed Manwaring taught a workshop on Whidbey Island with Pacific Northwest Arts School.

6/1-12, 2014 – Brenda led a photography tour to southwestern Ireland with Peter Cox.

5/1-16, 2014 – Brenda and partner Jed Manwaring complete leading a photo tour to Morocco, their 5th tour there.

4/29/14 – Brenda spoke to Fairfield and Sasqua Garden Clubs in Connecticut.

4/24/14 – Brenda spoke to a sold-out crowd at B&H PhotoVideo Superstore in NYC. Watch the video.

“I’ve watched your ‘from static to dynamic – creating photographs with impact‘ presentation, and simply had to thank you so much for being so generous in your sharing. They say Photography is an art AND a science. I believe you’ve shown that the science is simply knowledge of the tools and properties of light. It goes without saying. All the rest is art.” Tony L., Australia

4/9-14, 2014 – Brenda conducted workshop for Garden Club of America in Charleston, SC.

9/21/13 – Brenda presented at PSA’s Annual conference in Portland, Maine.

8/24/13 – Interviewed by Ibarionex Perello with Jed Manwaring for Light It! magazine produced by Kelby Media.

2/2013 – Brenda will be a featured speaker for Wednesday evening at the Photographic Society of America’s annual conference in September 2013. She will also be giving a guest lecture, From Static to Dynamic: Tips for Making Better Travel Photographs during the regular conference.

Brenda will speak at the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association annual meeting on Feb 8 and 9, 2013 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Brenda will be conducting a workshop for the Kiawah Island Photo Club Feb 11-12, 2013, on Kiawah Island, SC.

 Water-sculpted rocks, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

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