What others are saying about our tours, workshops and seminars:


“Really outstanding presentation and highly impactful work!” Steve R.

“Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!” Lyn B.

“What a great session! Love getting back to some abstract thinking and visualizing. I walked around my garden and the roads around our ranch and made images.” Fran N.

“Thanks for a fabulous session! Loved the fast pace of teaching…the assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone.” Sharon S.

“Thank you Brenda (and Lou), you have given me such a wonderful gift of your approach to this wonderful world of photography.” Frances K.

“Thank you Lou and Brenda for a wonderful session. Great notes, and the images shared were very helpful…thanks for the emphasis on things we can do close to home-very useful these days!” Cindy S.

“You are an inspiration. I just finished watching your video on  Static to Dynamic. It is almost midnight here but I cannot seem to stop watching it. Thank you again for a no-nonsense presentation. I learned a lot.” Anna, Bangkok.

“… I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Coming from a retired educator, you were patient, encouraging and worked at everyone’s level. In a nutshell, you were awesome! The camaraderie in class was great, and I enjoyed meeting and learning with them. Your and their enthusiasm was contagious and added to the fun. Thank you!!!”
S. Perse

“I’ve watched your ‘From Static to Dynamic – Creating Photographs with Impact’ presentation, and simply had to thank you so much for being so generous in your sharing. They say photography is an art AND a science. I believe you’ve shown that the science is simply knowledge of the tools and properties of light. It goes without saying. All the rest is art.” Tony L., Australia

“Your workshop instilled a confidence and passion that I needed to go to the next level.”  Paul M.

“A magnificent learning experience Brenda- thank you so much. I couldn’t have wished for better. Your assignments have been challenging (oh yes!), your lesson notes helpful but not restrictive and your critiques have been the real gem of the course. Your approach is plain, to the point and constructive. I suppose most of us like a bit of  flattery, but can only really learn from recognition by someone like yourself of what has real merit and what and why something really doesn’t work! That’s what you give Brenda, all wrapped up with nice touches of kindness and humour. Thanks a million and best wishes in all that you do.” Gina S., online student.

“We cannot expres how much we loved having you share with our 3rd grade class. Your photos and guidance have helped us all think a bit differently and see the world with different eyes.” Melissa & Heather, (teachers), CA.

“I just thought I would let you know I have been doing (since you were a big part of making this happen).. I am volunteering as a photographer for Missouri Botanical Garden and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.   My photos are on all the membership materials for MoBot this year and one is on the cover of the current member magazine.  For CBSTL, I have done the photos for two books, two calendars, and will soon have my photos featured in a huge display at Lambert Airport.” Mary Lou Olson.

“Thanks for your skills, knowledge, dedication, and especially your unselfish sharing of talents and time.”  William C.

I just watched ‘from static to dynamic’ and felt compelled to tell you ‘thank you’. This is the best photography video I have ever watched; I am so inspired; just loved your presentation and your photos … wow. What a treat; you spoke to my heart.”

“You opened up Cuba for me in so many ways, and it was an unforgettable journey. You are wonderfully generous in your teaching. I feel inspired and energized.” Mary B.

Thank you so much for this course; it was just what I was looking for. I appreciate the energy, creativity, and patience you bring to your teaching.” Nancy, ME

“Brenda, you’ve opened my eyes. I’m going home with a whole new outlook! Thanks for a great week.” Max

“Brenda is not only a great photographer, she is a great teacher…She opened up my eyes to a whole new world of photography, and I can’t wait to get out there and practice.” Shelly Loree.

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