What’s in my Bag


Below is a collection of the photography gear and equipment that I use. But remember, in the words of Ernst Haas, … ” it’s the photographer’s creativity, and not equipment, that ultimately makes photograph.”

That said, we all need new and good stuff to create our art, right? So have at it! The links below take you to
B&H PHOTO. I am an affiliate with them. I have purchase photo equipment from them for many years and can honestly say that I’ve not had any problems and their customer support has been terrific – prompt and reliable. Your support of them also helps me keep the dream alive in marketing our workshops and tours.
Thank you.







You might not be sure what lens you want or need – so why not rent first and try it out? It’s the best way to get a feel for the lens before paying a lot of money and then having the hassle of returning it, if you decide you don’t want it. I’ve used Borrowlenses.com and love their service!
BorrowLenses Try it out yourself. This is an affiliate link.